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Grey cobblestones

Cobblestones are small stones used for outdoor paving. The spectrum of most often used thickness ranges from 4 to 12 cm, depending on the intended use of the paved surface (pedestrian, light or heavy vehicles, permanent or occasional use, etc.). A cobbled surface creates a harmonious and beautiful urban space. The tonality, texture and grain shape of the different granites allow their application on large surfaces, without the result being tedious due to the intensity of the outline or boring due to the chromatic monotony.

Cobbles can be laid as a draining pavement, suitable for light loads, by laying them on a bed of sand and filling the gaps with sand paving; or as waterproof paving, capable of supporting road traffic and heavy loads, if they are laid on a bed of cement mortar.

Standard measurements in cm:

  • 20x10x10
  • 10x10x10
  • 20x10x5
  • 10x10x5

Most common finishes

  • Rustic: with all faces chiselled

  • Machined: with one or more faces sawn

Yellow or brown cobbles