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Our Quarries

Gris Piñor quarry

This quarry is located in Toen, 7 kilometres from the centre of the city in Orense. GRANITOS DEL VAL has been extracting material from this quarry for more than 18 years and currently has a maximum granite block extraction capacity of around 800M3 per month.

GRIS PIÑOR also known as GRIS MORRAZO, is geologically classified as a biotite granite, light grey in colour with a medium grain and incredible uniformity of texture and colour. These exceptional characteristics make this granite an excellent choice in the demanding memorial market. Naturally, as a premium quality grey, it can also be found in various public works projects throughout the European Union and the USA in the form of cobblestones, paving slabs, kerbs, street furniture and other stonework products.

Rosavel Quarry

The quarry for ROSAVEL is located in the municipality of Padrenda – Province of Ourense- 5km from the Portuguese border. GRANITOS DEL VAL has been extracting and promoting this material for the last 25 years and currently this quarry has a maximum granite block extraction capacity of 1600M3 per month.

In geological terms ROSAVEL can be classified as a granite with mega-crystals of potassium and feldspar. The result of this combination is a surface which emanates the incredible beauty of these pink pearls on a background in which the colour white and grey tones predominate.

The exclusivity of this stone and its great beauty make this granite the most popular choice of architects and decorators to give a distinctive and classy touch to the interior and exterior fittings of their flagship projects. Its main markets are the European Union, Asia, the USA and Canada. In addition to these purely aesthetic qualities, ROSAVEL looks equally good in any the most common surface finishes used in the industry: polished, flamed, bush-hammered, and sandblasted, and does not deteriorate over time.