Granitos del Val

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Block Rosavel


Rosavel is a pinkish coloured rock, characterised by the size of its grains, some of which can sometimes reach 60 mm. It is classified as “granite with mega-crystals of potassium feldspar” and there are large nature reserves. It is extracted in the province of Ourense, in the municipality of Padrenda. The quarry faces are of great length, without fractures, alterations and variations in tonality. Large blocks can be extracted and the material can be finished with any type of surface finish and it does not lose its polished finish or deteriorate over time. Can be used in indoor and outdoor features.


We sell blocks for gang saws – with slabs larger than 240×120- and sized blocks -with slabs smaller than 240×120- in First and Second qualities.


Padrenda, Ourense (Spain)

Physical-mechanical characteristics

  • Water absorption: 0.4%

  • Bulk density: 2610 Kg/m3

  • Resistance to frost: 0.7%

  • Compressive strength 167 MPa

  • Bending strength 6.8 MPa

  • Abrasion resistance: 16.7 mm

  • Anchorage resistance: 2200 N