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This pink stone is characterised by its grain size, some of which can attain dimensions of up to 60 mm. It is classified as a 'granite with megacrysts of potassium feldspar' and there are still large natural reserves. It is extracted from the province of Ourense, in the municipal limits of Padrenda. The quarry operating faces are extremely long, with no fracturing, alterations or variations in tone. This means that large-sized blocks can be extracted. The material also works well for any type of surface finish and does not lose its polish or change in any way with the passing of time. It can be placed or hung in interiors and exteriors.

Size / Qualities:

Blocks are marketed and sold for industrial looms –with slabs larger than 240 x 120– and block cutting machines –with slabs less than 240 x 120– in Extra, First and Second qualities.


Padrenda, Ourense, Spain

Physical-mechanical characteristics:

Density: 2.62 g/cm
Absorption coefficient: 0.30%
Compressive strength: 108 MPa
Tensile strength: 7.80 MPa
Wear resistance: 0.97 mm
Impact strength: 45 cm
Freezing test coefficient: 0%