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Who We Are

Over 25 years ago, a company was founded in Toen, a mountain village in Galicia, Spain, that would devote its work to providing the world a little piece of the charm and beauty of these lands, by promoting two of the most exclusive granite varieties available on the market. Since the beginning, GRANITOS DEL VAL has built its success on the extensive know-how and experience of its human resources, in perfect harmony with employing the latest technology in the fields of extracting and processing natural stone. The result of this hard work that has continued over the course of the years is a dynamic and efficient company that today is one of the leaders of the Spanish granite sector.

The keenness with which every member of the GRANITOS DEL VAL team has tirelessly searched for excellence in everything they do is our greatest asset. This has led to us upholding a position throughout the years as one of our clients' preferred options, clients that number among the largest European construction firms. We are proud and satisfied to hold ISO 9001:2000 certification, an awarding that reflects our hard work and commitment to comply with expectations of transparency, quality, flexibility and reliability in supplying our clients.

The numbers also speak for themselves to corroborate the solidity and drive of GRANITOS DEL VAL. Today, we extract an average of 24,000 m3 of granite block each year from our two main quarries, transforming a total of 450,000 tonnes of stone into aggregates at our two crushing plants.